Our Philosophy

TRH Climatic System is guided by the principles of the respect of human health with sausages without additives, energy saving and environmental protection for the development of each project.

SAUSAGES WITHOUT ADDITIVES: thanks to the special drying /seasoning made with only the heat pump® system, you eliminate the use of nitrates and nitrites which are the cause of nitrosamines.
Maximum security bacteria.
Sausages protect the health of allergic people with food allergies.
Most effective nutrition.

ENERGY SAVING: the climate system heat /cold and moisture in heat pump® completely eliminates the use of hot water  and resistances that are the reason of unnecessary thermal inertia and thermal flywheels.
The economy of energy saving is 78% compared to plants of “old” generation.
C.O.P. maximum we can achieve is 6,2.

ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION: the heat pump® has an “invalid” pollution, because this technology eliminates the combustion for heating.
The amount of refrigerant into the circuit is significantly reduced, due to the climate system called “kers”, which recovers the refrigerant from the idle circle that is not used.


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Celle climatiche multifunzione
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