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About sausages without additives...

The patented system in Heat Pump®, is recommended for those who want to produce sausages without the use of chemical additives and preservatives: it’s a difficult result to achieve with systems of “old” generation  that use resistances and  hot water.
Here we propose a technical direct comparison between the old generation referred to “R”, due to heating or hot water heaters, complemented with heat recovery, and the new system called heat pump®, following coded as “P”.
1 The “R” system must be a power station to ensure constant hot water, a kettle always on, much maintenance caused by hard water in the boiler itselfs in the circuits, controls, there is also the cost of producing the thermal power plant, hydraulic plant and don’t forget the expense of future consumption.
Thanks the “P” version, all that doesn’t exist.
2 The “R” means when heated thermal inertia and thermal flywheels due to the presence of hot water in the circuit is inactive, disposal of excess energy with unnecessary movement of the refrigeration circuit.
In “P” version all that doesn’t exist because it’s a reactive system that works just for the needs of the product, and the intermediate heat released into the cell, the system eliminates the existing thermal plants commuter-type “R”.
3  The “R” version to perform drying of meats without additives with low humidity, has the disvantage of freezing the hydraulic pipes, another shortcoming is the packing of frost in the exchangers.
Thanks to the “P” version does not use hot water, and the heating coils are self-cleaning by the formation of frost, so it’s possible to use the facilities for a cold drying.
4 The fermentation are a sensitive stage for the “R” system, while the “P” fermentations are even customized.
5 The “R” version for humidifying needs an extra humidifier, while “P” version humidifies without using humidor. In addition, the system heat pump® is supported and managed by an electronic microprocessor that allows the dialogue in 5 languages, making 15 automated programs and one manual program to control graphically the operations of the machine/ product, etc...

About  Retarder Prover in heat pump®...

The main feature of the system is based on energy saving.
Warming up for the awakening of the product, the rising, the defrosting and humidification are all taking place without the use of electrical resistors, which are due, in machines that use of thermal inertia flywheels and consequent power consumption. The control also works with an igronometrical system in heat pump®, which utilizes both cold /heat, (heat prevails), so that strikes the humidity, while the temperature remains unchanged.
The systems that don’t use heat pump® technology, use only the cold, causing the fluctuation in temperature, causing unnecessary stress to the product and consumption.
Within a climatic chamber there are one or more air evaporators that have the characteristic of having a dual refrigerant circuit including one for the hot, and the other one for the cold.
The digital microprocessor features manual controls for cooling only, heating only, wetting only and rising or automatic  starting, if desired, from frosting and continue automatically from storage, from awakening to rise.
The awakening and the heat rising have programmable steps.
It’s also possible, knowing the time of heating the baking oven, turn on the ignition of the oven itself in advance.
This combination of features allows any type of leavened bread, small, medium, large, salty or not, and depending on the program set by the operator and have hours of free time in the morning.



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