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TRH Climatic System distinguishes itself in the field of artisan and industrial refrigeration for the importance given to energy saving. The air, water, raw materials are finite resources, and is therefore an ethical duty, social and even business duty, be extremely careful in their use.
The Company is sensitive to environmental issues and the concept of energy saving, and it has become an integral part of the identity of these instances, thanks to the patented systems in heat pump®, all characterized by the fact that there is a refrigeration compressor for heating.
The production of plants in the field of thermodynamic is divided in two types: one made with technology of “old” or traditional generation, that today all the companies use, (heating with hot water or electrical resistances); and the other type made with heat pump®, an innovative technology applied to refrigeration equipment that allows the production of sausages without additives, thanks drying and seasoning cells  for meat or cheese.
About the retarder prover, thanks this patented system is playing a natural and ideal microclimate provided significant energy saving.
Old technologies are integraded, in the process of drying, by heating up from heat recovery, heating can be obtained only in combination with refrigeration phase .
All plants that use the patented systems called heat pump®, eliminate existing problems on older systems that are currently use and whether costs such as construction, maintenance, safety, and energy consumption.
Thanks its reactivity, the latest innovations and following company developements include the revolutionary climatic system called "Compressor System” applied to all those users that require the control of temperature and relative humidity like in the case of cold meat, cheeses and fish.
This patented system actually enables, with the refrigerating compressor only, to heat, dehumidify, refrigerate, humidify and defrost without the help of other energy sources and the traditional plants installed today, needing primary heatings with hot water or thermal resistances.
The fact of adopting energy-saving plant tecniques and methods, also means pursuing a socially responsible policy towards all the stakeholders who interact with the end
users: share-holders, workers, customers, suppliers, environment and society.

This new thermodynamic system, used by the company and called “heat pump”®, having the capacity of combining for any circuit among the heat exchangers, and enables its use in many application technologies, including the meat-processing sector, (cold meat drying and seasoning, stop), and fish preservation and processing.
The whole machine generation in “heat pump”® uses microprocessor stations equipped with inverter for the management of heat power.
This technology enables, due to its reactivity, not to have consumption derived by thermal inertias and flywheel, as well as the cost of the same additional plant, such as
for istance hot water that would require its own heating system with recirculation, not to mention the electric resistance heating where the power employed is remarkable.
This enables to save power of 78% as against the traditional systems.
Thanks this system all that you can produce is free of additives.
Moreover, benefiting mainly the product as the plant can be operate in a “soft” condition to “hard”. The smallest model is the closet for 50kg per week, then move on to 70kg, 100kg, 150 Kg, 200Kg, until you get to large industrial plants with a lot of trucks.


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